Festive Handicapper 2017

You might think the weather has been unseasonably warm this week, but really it’s just the heat generated by the 2017 club champion Ciaran McAleenan as he blazed from the bottom to the top of Slieve Martin to leave the whole damn hill burning like a volcano. Choking on his fumes were Virginia Irvine 2nd and Willy ‘I wish I could run’ McKee 3rd.

Club Champ 2017: Ciaran McAleenan

Shoe Fetish Bailey relegated himself to lantern rouge by stopping off mid rampage for a chat with some folks; if you can just keep that up for the 2018 race season that is fine with me.

As always festivities were rounded off with a batch of superstar baker Bev’s mince pies.

Did somebody say mince pie?

Merry Christmas y’all

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